15 Easy Meditation Tips You Can Do Today to Become Calmer and Focused

Learning how to meditate is easy. You don’t have to be a meditation expert or a yoga instructor to do it. You don’t have to overthink it either. You just need to start.

Below are some meditation tips that can help you ease into the practice. Soon, you’ll start feeling the benefits of a calmer and a more focused mind. It only takes a few seconds to do each step.

Prepare By Clearing Distractions in Your Surroundings

Every meditation practice starts with clear surroundings. This means that you should look for a place where you can just sit down undisturbed by anything that is going on outside of you. It may be best to turn off your mobile phone and your computer as well as anything that can make a distracting sound like your television or radio. If you are planning to meditate in your office, turn off your monitor temporarily.

Start by Sitting Still

Wherever you are, you can start meditating by simply sitting still. Notice where you are sitting. Notice the texture (how hard it is, how soft it is…) and notice how your body is supported. Plant your feet on the ground and feel the ground supporting you.

Soften Your Gaze and Ease Tension in the Eyes

You can now begin ‘cooling’ your senses. First, you can start from your eyes by softening your gaze. Whatever you are looking at, soften your gaze and feel the little skin folds on the side of your eyes soften.

Let the Sounds Around You Come to You

Next, you will have to cool your hearing. You can do this by surrendering yourself to the present moment and letting the sounds come to you instead. Don’t desperately seek the sounds. Let your ears hear it and imagine the sounds like wind coming into your ear. Make peace with whatever sound you hear.

Feel Your Breath

Then, focus on your breath, Notice as the air comes in and comes out. As air comes in, notice the breath of life coming inside you and filling you with energy. As you exhale, notice all of the tension of your body coming out.

Count Your Breath

Now it is time to control your breath. You can do this by inhaling and then holding your breath for 4 seconds and then exhaling for 4 seconds. Do this for 3 to 5 times until you can feel your shoulders and other parts of your body relax.

Feel the Life in Your Hands

By now, you should have already eased the tension in your eyes, ears, nose and mouth. It is time to ease the tension in your sense of touch. Start this by feeling the pulse inside your hands. You may feel the pulse in your wrist or inside the tips of your fingertips. Look at the pulse in a friendly manner and be thankful that you are alive.

Scan Your Body for Tension

Close your eyes. It is time to feel the inside of your body. Think of yourself as being under a waterfall and water flows from the top of the mountain to your head and to your entire body. Watch the water using your mind. Watch it flow from your head to your back to your legs. As the water flows, watch the tension ease up in each part of your body.

Don’t Worry About Clearing the Mind

As you do this practice without music, you’ll notice that the mind starts to have some thoughts. Watch the thoughts lovingly. Don’t judge it. Don’t interpret it. Don’t ride it. Just let it flow. Allow the mind to think. It is after all like the heart that keeps pumping. The mind cannot stop thinking. But that doesn’t mean that you should believe every thought that comes from it.

Watch Your Thoughts Come and Go

It also helps to see your thoughts as cars on a street. They pass by one after another. Sometimes, the cars can become really fast and it can be hard to keep up. But then, you always have the power to slow them down. Watch as each thought pass by and disappear into the mist. You don’t have to act on them. You don’t have to judge. Just let the thoughts be.

Take the Control Fuse to Your Emotions

If you notice some emotions coming up such as anger, envy, sadness and fear. It is important to look at your body on where the emotion is residing. Usually, anger is in the chest and in the right hand. You will feel your hand burning up. Envy is in the chest as well. More like a squishing effect on the heart. Sadness is on the stomach. It feels as if your heart is being pulled down. Fear is more on the upper chest. It feels as if you cannot breathe. The feeling is the same when you are worried.

When this happens, take a look at each emotion. Welcome it. Don’t resist it. From here, you can say “Welcome anger” or “Welcome Sadness”. And see it for what it is.

Listen to Calming Meditation Music

In my 5 years of meditation practice, I noticed that calming meditation music helps. This is especially true for beginners who find it hard to calm down or stray away from their thoughts as it arises. Music can somehow focus the mind and calms it down. Fortunately for you, there are now many meditation music that you can listen to online.

Start for 5 Minutes

Now it is time to focus for 5 minutes. You can do this with or without music. Just sit still and let the world move around you. Don’t worry. It will still be there in 5 minutes. Feel your body fully supported as you sit down. Continue with the body scan and in letting sounds come to you.

Listen to Quick 5-Minute Guided Meditations

If doing all of the tips above by yourself sounds too complicated, it may be best to just look for some short guided meditations on Youtube. Guided meditations are those meditations that have a voice telling you what to do. Some people love these meditations for it directs their mind on what to think about but others are more comfortable with just some meditation music. Do what feels right for you.

Join a Community

Also, don’t be contented with practicing meditation in just a day. Do it everyday. In fact, I highly suggest that you join a community. Meditation can have some instant effects but the effects are better if it is done on a consistent basis. Joining a community will help you stay focused as well as instill the habit of meditation into your system.

It may seem like the items are chronological but you don’t have to do all of them. In fact, I highly suggest that you choose one and see how it feels before you proceed with the next. Meditation doesn’t need to be hard. You just need to learn how to start. Choose one from the tips above and start your meditation practice right now. It will help you become calmer and more productive.

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  • sahara rose

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    couldn’t agree more!

    • Daikuro Estrada

      Reply Reply February 2, 2017

      Hi Sahara! Thanks for stopping by to comment on my meditation tips. Let’s spread positivity and consciousness together.

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